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We're taking OxFounders global. 


In short, our idea is to host a series of events in emerging markets, find the most talented entrepreneurs and early- stage startups, especially in and out of universities, and then connect them with funding opportunities and resources both in and out of Oxford.

Leveraging the Oxford network gives us privileged access to top-tier universities around the world and their best student startups making this project unique among similar initiatives.

We're incredibly excited to get on the road.

Oxford Skyline


We launched the Oxford Founders Society in November 2022, with the central goal of promoting entrepreneurship at the university and creating a meaningful and engaged community for like-minded students.

In just one year, we held 12 speaker events with over 600 combined attendees - making OxFounders the most active and most popular society of its kind at Oxford.

Our speakers included the founders of Starbucks, Supercell, Nanopore, Moonpig, Bloom & Wild, Entrepreneur First, and many more.

We are confident that this experience will enable us to deliver fantastic events in the year ahead.

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