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We've just started our brand new series of talks with inspiring figures in entrepreneurship.

We have three different formats:

Quick Fire - 5-minute chats where we listen to key points and predictions from our guests. The longer, uncut recordings are available here and on our YouTube Channel.

Deep Dive - Deep-dives into specific issues and topics, often with panel guests.

Forum - Virtual events, in the form of an interactive Q&A, offering advice for founders across each country we've run an event in.

Join us and listen to top founders, ecosystem shapers, and leading innovators from around the world tell us about their journeys in entrepreneurship. 🚀

If you'd like to be part of our next episode, drop us a line.

Quick Fire 🔥

Our 5-minute chats with leaders in the ecosystem. Click through for the uncut version, and catch all of the conversation. 🎙️

Deep Dive 🎙️

Our deep-dives into specific issues.

Forum 🌍

Our series of virtual events with expert industry leaders, offering advice to founders building across sectors in each country we've done an event in.

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Listen to top executives from VC, technology leaders, academics, and founders share their insights on the future of Turkish startups.

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