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Don't Miss Out! Virtual event on the future of Turkish startups

We're incredibly keen to continue building our community of talented entrepreneurs in Türkiye, and are delighted to announce our first virtual event, "Turkish Startups on the Rise: How to Capture Opportunities in a Changing World". 🚀🇹🇷

We have put together a panel of expert industry leaders:

Efe Erdem, Executive Director, MEXT Technology Center

Oğuzhan Aygören, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Boğazıcı University

Merve Zabci, Managing Partner, Metis, Logo Ventures

Ussal Sahbaz, Managing Partner, Ussal Consultancy, Ekonomi columnist

Balca Yılmaz, Founder and CEO, Werover


The event will be an interactive Q&A discussion, touching on what to look for in Turkish startups in 2024, advice for founders building across different sectors, and the growth of Türkiye as an international entrepreneurship hub.

See you there. 🎙️

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