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Meet our pitching Startups! 🤩

Close to 30 startups applied and we were tasked with the difficult mission to narrow them down to 8 to pitching startups. Now, the finalists are confirmed and it is EXCITING. 💃

Come listen to award-winning startup Taxo explain how they are using automation to support millions of taxpayers in managing their finances. Or hear from Renova how they are helping insurers become digital in a matter of days and save millions of dollars on internal development efforts.

For all those particularly interested in impact startups, Intrare has got your covered. They are revolutionising candidate-job matching tools with proprietary, bias-eliminating AI.

MazMobi will explain how they are using parked assets to facilitate cheap and flexible car rentals for companies and Seenapse will tell the story of how they are building an AI copilot for creativity and innovation to make marketers more productive and original.

Baboo is using AI to create personalised itineraries for travellers seeking curated sustainable travel experiences.

Want to find easier solutions for finding and managing your insurance? Then it's MiCompa you might want to pay particular attention to. They are partnering up with insurance companies to deliver flat prices and easy-to-understand packages.

And if all of that is not enough, Prothesia is developing a comprehensive approach including their own clinics, franchising, and a robust digital platform to improve healthcare in the sectors of orthotics.

30 applicants, 8 finalists but only 1 winner. 🏆

The challenge is on 🔥🔥🔥

So come and join us for an afternoon spent engaging with a vibrant audience and listen to the startups that might just become tomorrow's unicorns. 🦄

Best of luck to them all!!

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